Friday, June 6, 2014

Patriotic Pretties

    Welcome to what I hope is the first of many posts!

    I'm starting off with ideas for the Fourth of July. Since I have two girls, L and A, I'll be sewing two different outfits for them.

    First, the fabric. 

    I've chosen a red, white, and blue paisley print; a red, white, and two-tone blue tiny chevron; and a blue with white star print. I haven't decided if I'm really into the chevron. It might get saved for next year. ;)

    Next, the patterns. I'll be using two SisBoom/ScientificSeamstress patterns, the Jeanine Jumper (sz 3 mo-13/14yr) and the BettyAnn Dress (sz 6mo-13/14yr). The pictures are from the Etsy listings which can be found here:  SisBoom/ScientificSeamstress Jeanine Jumper and here: SisBoom/ScientificSeamstress BettyAnn Dress

SisBoom/Scientific Seamstress BettyAnn Dress

SisBoom/Scientific Seamstress Jeanine Jumper

    The plan. Well, as mothers everywhere with small children know, the plan doesn't always go "as planned" but here it is anyway. The dress will have the blue and white stars on the bodice and sleeves and pockets while the skirt will be the paisley. The jumper will have the paisley on the bodice and sleeves with the blue and white star on the bodice/legs. I think I may add a trim of the paisley on the hem of the legs. I haven't decided if I want the elastic in the legs or not. A tends to tug at elastic on her legs, so I probably won't put it in. 

   Wait a minute, what about G? Well, I have a pattern for him too. Another SisBoom/ScientificSeamstress pattern for him, the Bowling Shirt (sz 6mo-11/12yr) found here: SisBoom/ScientificSeamstress Bowling Shirt
SisBoom/Scientific Seamstress Bowling shirt

    For G's shirt, I'll use the blue and white stars and the chevron. He'll be thrilled!

    Timeline: completed by next Friday. I think this is realistic providing I'm able to sew un-interrupted some during the day. And, of course, after the kids are in bed. ;)

    Well, I'm off to start printing, taping, cutting, and sewing! Check back for an update next week!

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