Thursday, July 31, 2014

Lazy Days Lounge Pants & GIVEAWAY!!!

      Wow! I've been busy, busy, busy these last few weeks of July! Orders, sewing for nieces and nephews birthdays, and testing patterns!!! I really enjoy testing. I love helping designers work out the kinks in their new designs, making it perfect before they release it to the public. 

    The second children's pattern I tested this month was by Gracious Threads. It's a relaxing unisex pants pattern, the Lazy Days Lounge Pants

                                                                                                                                                First of all, pockets. Who doesn't love pockets??? My kiddos certainly do. The perfect place to keep secret treasures until mom finds them in the wash. ;)

    It also features an encased elastic waistband with faux drawstring option. 

Another huge plus, leg cuffs. Perfect for growing room and pulling them up when it's hot out.

 Gah, who could resist this cuteness??? Available in a great size range, 2T-12yr.

Gracious Threads patterns are wonderfully written. The diagrams and images are very easy to follow. The perfect pants pattern for a Beginner wanting to try a more fitted pant with pockets.


     What are you waiting for???? Don't you wanna be a cool kid and chill???     

                       Love these? Enter HERE for your chance to win the pattern!!!

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Get Your ROMP On!!!

     Wow! I've been busy, busy, busy these last few weeks of July! Orders, sewing for nieces and nephews birthdays, and testing patterns!!! I really enjoy testing. I love helping designers work out the kinks in their new designs, making it perfect before they release it to the public.       

     The first children's pattern I tested this month is the RaglanRomp by A Sparkly Baby.

WARNING: be prepared for cuteness overload!

Featuring a unique, adorable bum flap, this pattern does have a slightly smaller size range: preemie to 3T. But, the flap is perfect for fast diaper changes and frustrating for toddlers that love stripping naked (go ahead, ask me how I know).  Perhaps she will release a larger size range at a later, but it's perfect the way it is.

Let's talk options, because this pattern's got them. Your choice of length: short or long. Your choice of pockets: breast or kangaroo. Making it a halter raglan or adding a scrappy side panel. Optional additions: fold-over mitts, bum ruffles, and hoodie--with pattern pieces and picture tutorials for ALL of it!!!

Plus---additional custom sizes in 24 month, 2T, and 3T.

While these are not a difficult sew, there are multiple steps especially if you add-on any of the additional cuteness. There are plenty of detailed pictures to help you but these do take a little longer to sew than a quick t-shirt. I would say an Advanced Beginner would have no issues. If you do have issues, Taryn (the designer) will happily help you.

A loved putting her hands in the back bum piece even though I added the kangaroo pocket.

L loves wearing hers for pj's.

Whatcha waiting for??? Buy the pattern before August 1 using the code JOANNA1 and get 35% off.

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Friday, July 4, 2014

Scalloped Princess Dress, Elsa Style AND Giveaway!

    Whose daughter isn't obsessed with the movie Frozen? Well, mine sure are--much to my husband's dismay. LOL. So, when I got picked to review the Scalloped Princess Dress from LittleKiwisCloset designed by Lydia Perssion, I knew it was going to have to be Elsa inspired. 
Nailed it!!!

    I have to say, I did very well. At first, she wasn't sold on the color--dusky blue/grey--it was some cotton chintz (similar to cotton satin--same shinny sheen but lighter weight) my mother had left after she and my grandmother closed their custom drapery business. But, after she wore it a while, she didn't want to take it off. ;)

    This pattern has soooooo many options, she gives you a page in the pattern to pick and decide what option you're going to do. Quick list: Neckline--scoop neck, square neck, v-neck, or sweatheart neck. Bodice style--Princess V or scalloped. Skirt length--below knee, high-low, or long. Hems--accent facing out, facing hidden, or plain (without scallops). Believe me, you need this page to help you choose. 

    I had L pick so of course it was sweatheart neck, princess bodice, long length, and hidden facing. I ironed on a ton of rhinstones--sparkly piece by sparkly piece (Hint--if you put sparkles on it, they will wear it!)


   As always, this pattern is no exception to Lydia's style. Great pictures, excellent directions and a wonderful size range of 12 months to size 9. I would say the most difficult part was top stitching the front bodice to the skirt--getting the skirt gathered just right. I didn't actually do it since I knew I was attaching my Elsa add-on skirt. I did hand stitch the center front bodice V to the skirt so that it wouldn't flap up.

    You have the option of one, two, or three buttons to place on the back--depending on the size of the dress. I choose to put two snaps. The skirt has an absolutely wonderful drape and boy does it twirl!

    My Elsa-inspired add-on: I gathered and sewed lace decorated tulle to a length of FOE and put a snap on the end, making it so that she can remove it and wear it with other outfits. 

    As you can tell, the fit is spot-on. L measured at a size 3 in the chest and I made her a size 3 in length too. This is a fairly easy pattern to sew up. Attaching the rhinestones took the most time. LOL.

    Now, the fun part. Check out everyone else on the tour, see their Scalloped Princess Dress AND enter the GIVEAWAY! (Sponsored by LittleKiwisCloset)

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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Patriotic Pretties--For Real!

   So, a few weeks ago (cough, cough) I stated that I was making two SisBoom patterns for my girls for the 4th. I'm happy to say they are DONE! (I lost a week when A got sick with a high fever). But, they are done and ready to wear tomorrow---evening of course (I know that within 10 minutes of putting them on they will be dirty so I'm trying to increase my chances of other's being able to enjoy the Patriotic-ness).

     I made A's outfit first. It's the SisBoom Jeanine Jumper. I made the 18 month size, 20" hem, natural waist elastic (shortened to fit my petite girl), I shortened the bodice by half an inch, and used the flutter sleeve. 

    I love the length and even though the fit is very loose (she has a 19" chest), I like that there's plenty of room for layering and movement. I decided to shorten the bodice because she's potty trained. Yay me, I mean A! For ease of potty trips, I did the snap crotch version, using two size 16 Kam snaps.

Love the back elastic!

What a cutie!
    This pattern comes in these sizes: 3/6 month to 13/14. It also has a simple sleeves and you can make it any length. I'm planning to make several pants length in corduroy this winter.

    L's outfit was next. I've had the SisBoom Bettyann for a while, but became determined to use it for this fabric. My L loves to twirl so I cut this one with a 20 inch hem (she has such cute little legs and we always wear shorts under our dresses ;) ). She measured at the size 3/4 and I cut the back elastic at size 18mo/2T--going off of her chest measurement. I moved the pockets up and did a rolled hem on my serger. 

Pretty pose
    This pattern comes in size 6/12 month to 13/14. You can adjust the hem length for more of a top/tunic or longer dress.

She has this natural curl that always looks good. Must have come from the mailman. LOL

     As always with SisBoom/Scientific Seamstress patterns, lots of pictures and drawings with clear and concise directions. I like that you can print out the specific size you need, but I always print out both sizes my girls are in. ;)  I also LOVE the range of sizes with all their patterns. 

    I'll leave you with one outtake from our photo shoot. There was a loud bobcat machine going down the road behind me and, well, you can see from their expressions what they think. ;)

Love these? I can make them for you! Send me an email at or message me on Facebook at Gal Originals or Etsy at Gal Originals.

~~~I did this review on my own and was not reimbursed in any way.~~~