Thursday, July 3, 2014

Patriotic Pretties--For Real!

   So, a few weeks ago (cough, cough) I stated that I was making two SisBoom patterns for my girls for the 4th. I'm happy to say they are DONE! (I lost a week when A got sick with a high fever). But, they are done and ready to wear tomorrow---evening of course (I know that within 10 minutes of putting them on they will be dirty so I'm trying to increase my chances of other's being able to enjoy the Patriotic-ness).

     I made A's outfit first. It's the SisBoom Jeanine Jumper. I made the 18 month size, 20" hem, natural waist elastic (shortened to fit my petite girl), I shortened the bodice by half an inch, and used the flutter sleeve. 

    I love the length and even though the fit is very loose (she has a 19" chest), I like that there's plenty of room for layering and movement. I decided to shorten the bodice because she's potty trained. Yay me, I mean A! For ease of potty trips, I did the snap crotch version, using two size 16 Kam snaps.

Love the back elastic!

What a cutie!
    This pattern comes in these sizes: 3/6 month to 13/14. It also has a simple sleeves and you can make it any length. I'm planning to make several pants length in corduroy this winter.

    L's outfit was next. I've had the SisBoom Bettyann for a while, but became determined to use it for this fabric. My L loves to twirl so I cut this one with a 20 inch hem (she has such cute little legs and we always wear shorts under our dresses ;) ). She measured at the size 3/4 and I cut the back elastic at size 18mo/2T--going off of her chest measurement. I moved the pockets up and did a rolled hem on my serger. 

Pretty pose
    This pattern comes in size 6/12 month to 13/14. You can adjust the hem length for more of a top/tunic or longer dress.

She has this natural curl that always looks good. Must have come from the mailman. LOL

     As always with SisBoom/Scientific Seamstress patterns, lots of pictures and drawings with clear and concise directions. I like that you can print out the specific size you need, but I always print out both sizes my girls are in. ;)  I also LOVE the range of sizes with all their patterns. 

    I'll leave you with one outtake from our photo shoot. There was a loud bobcat machine going down the road behind me and, well, you can see from their expressions what they think. ;)

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~~~I did this review on my own and was not reimbursed in any way.~~~

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