Saturday, September 27, 2014

Dracula's Mac's Monster T-shirt

Halloween is my son's favorite holiday--he even prefers it over Christmas! So, I was totally stoked when I was picked to test Mac's Monster T-shirt by Cole's Corner and Creations

 I showed my son all the different applique choices and he choose Dracula (seriously, there are lots of choices). His favorite color is orange so I knew the large front block had to be orange.

I love the curve of the front--it's so unique and one of a kind.

The pattern is available in sizes 1/2 (6 mo) to 16 yrs. (I'm really enjoying patterns that fit my youngest at 2yrs and oldest at 7yrs/size 12.) 
I think the pattern is for Advanced Beginner simply because you need to be comfortable sewing that curve on a serger and appliqueing on knit fabric.

Sometimes he's such a ham for the camera!!! LOL

Due to returning to work full time, I've had a lot less time to sew, but I cannot wait to make some of these for his sisters. Can't sew? Contact me to make one for you!

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